"Peace of Mind" Home Buying™

Peace of mind is a state of 

mental and emotional calmness, 

with no worries, fears or stress. 

In this state, the mind is quiet, 

and you experience 

a sense of happiness and freedom, 

a feeling of being safe and protected.

Do you have a fear

 of being SOLD a home?


Are you afraid of 

buying the wrong home or

 a home that needs major work 

that wasn't disclosed to you? 


Are you concerned 

that your emotions 

may be taken advantage of 

by an aggressive sales agent?

You are not alone.  

Many of our clients

felt the same way 

before working with us.  

We offer true

 "peace of mind" 

home buying™

by  guaranteeing 

our loyalty to you.  

Most people know the 

US Marine Corp motto, "Semper Fi". 


Semper Fidelis 

is a Latin phrase

 that means, 

"always faithful" - "always loyal".  

If you ask a Marine if there are 

any exceptions or excuses 

related to that, 

you will hear, "absolutely not".

Semper Fidelis 

is more that a motto to us. 

It is our way of doing business


As exclusive buyer agents

we represent homebuyers only, 

never represent sellers

 or take listings.  

NO in-house deals.

No double-dipping of commissions.

No insider wheeling and dealing.  

We are True Loyal Agents® 

at all times and in every situation.  

From Our Clients

Justin & Diancy, Worcester, MA

“Tom, We can’t thank you enough, as our real estate agent, for your trustworthy guidance with buying our first home. It’s an intimidating process but you put us at ease and always had our best interests in mind. We truly appreciate all that you taught us and your expert advice.” 

Marny & Beth, New Salem, MA

“Buying a home is like buying a car, on steroids. It’s the biggest investment you are likely to make so the stakes are incredibly high. We knew that having an agent represent us was a good idea. What we hadn’t grasped was how important it is to find one who is not connected with the selling side in any way—through an agency that also represents sellers, as most do. We are true believers that having someone represent you who has no conflict with the selling side is an absolute must.”

Steve, Orange, MA

“I felt confident knowing you were working solely on my behalf as a buyer's only agent.  It made a lot of sense to me to have someone who had 100% interest in assisting me the buyer, rather than someone who also assisted sellers. Your dedication to understanding my concerns as a home buyer was reassuring. I felt I I was in good hands through the entire potentially stressful process. With your expert help, that process went smoothly.”

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